Do You Feel Weighed Down By Feelings Of Hopelessness Or Despair?

Do you find that you no longer enjoy the things that used to give you pleasure? Are you unable to escape constant sadness or overwhelming self-doubt? Does facing the demands of personal and professional responsibilities make you want to crawl under the covers and sleep the day away? Or, you may lie awake at night trying desperately to figure out solutions to all your problems only to feel drained and fatigued when the alarm clock rings in the morning. 

You might judge yourself harshly for not making different decisions, and when you look at your life all you see are mistakes, losses and failures. Maybe you feel empty and like giving up, and you have begun to question if you even deserve love, happiness and success. Perhaps you have thoughts of self-harm or ending it all. You wonder if things could be better, but you don’t know where you can turn for guidance and support.

You Are Not The Only Person Struggling To Experience Joy

Everyone goes through times when they feel sad, isolated and uncertain. It is natural to experience sadness and self-doubt, but it may be a sign of depression if these feelings are constant and start to interfere with your life. Depression is a real issue that many people in our society struggle with. It may be triggered by something you can easily identify and understand, such as loss or an unwelcome change in your life circumstances; but it can also creep up gradually over the course of years. While depression is common, it is often misunderstood, and stigma around mental health struggles can leave you feeling too embarrassed or helpless to seek help. Recovering from depression can take time and effort, and you can’t be expected to “snap out of it.”

Regardless of the causes and duration of your depressed mood, seeking treatment for depression can help you understand why you are struggling and get your life back.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Feel Good About Yourself And Your Life

Depression has been extensively researched and, with the right guidance and support, it can be treated successfully. I have extensive experience helping individuals gain a sense of control over their emotions and bring pleasure back into their lives. 

I use a scientifically-validated approach to depression treatment based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Working collaboratively, we will embark on a quest to discover and make sense of the life problems or events that might have contributed to your depression. We will examine the patterns of thinking and behaving that are making things more difficult and less manageable. Together, we can develop a tailored strategy you can use to make meaningful and lasting changes. You can break free from negative attitudes and faulty thinking and let go of ineffective “solutions” that keep you stuck in your depression. 

What Happens in Therapy

In our work together, I will help you learn practical coping and problem-solving skills that will provide you with new ways to fight your depression. A particularly immobilizing aspect of depression is that it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, alone, inadequate and powerless to improve your circumstances. As a result, it can be easy to forget your strengths, resilience and those strategies that helped you feel happier in the past. I will help you tap into those forgotten resources to find comfort and joy again. 

I recognize that depression affects your mind, body and overall sense of wellbeing, and I take a holistic approach to depression treatment. Together, we will look at lifestyle changes that have been shown to improve mood, such as exercise, spending time in nature, bringing mindfull awareness to the present moment, eating a healthy, balanced diet and improving important relationships. Recovering from depression can feel like an intimidating process, but I have seen how effective depression treatment can be in helping individuals find relief. You deserve to feel happiness again. 

But you may still have questions about depression treatment

“I’ve felt down for a long time and I don’t think that talking about it will make me feel any better or improve my circumstances.”

It is normal to feel like there is no hope when you are struggling with depression, and it may seem like all of your efforts are pointless. Fortunately, there is a large body of research that shows just how effective strategic depression treatment can be in finding relief and healing. Additionally, there is evidence that untreated depression can lead to all manner of unproductive or unhealthy coping mechanisms, including substance misuse, eating too much or spending too much money.  Therapy can be a powerful first step towards healing.

“I think I need depression treatment but my partner feels I should get anger management instead.”

While your partner or a loved one may recognize touchy or irritable behavior, you are correct in your desire to seek depression treatment. Depression does not always manifest as sadness, crying and isolation. One of the often overlooked symptoms of depression is anger and irritability, especially in men. Unresolved anger can create a vicious cycle as angry outbursts often have a destructive effect on relationships, leaving you feeling even more alone and desperate. Depression treatment can help you develop tools to manage your anger and express your needs in ways that help you feel calm and in control and promote closeness in your relationship.

“I have always been a strong person and don’t see why I can’t overcome this sadness on my own”

Your reluctance to reach out for help is understandable. We live in a culture that stresses self-reliance and independence, which can make it difficult to admit that we need help. But, feeling ashamed about our struggles and vulnerabilities can leave us feeling worse. It takes courage and strength to ask for support when you are struggling. You said it yourself: you’ve always been a strong person, and if the struggles you are facing were easy to overcome you would have done it already. Depression treatment can give you new tools and understanding you can use to find relief now and when facing challenges in the future.

You Can Feel Happier

If you are ready to start working toward lasting relief and healing, or if you would like to learn more about me or what I can offer you, I invite you to call my office in Pointe Claire at 514-697-7472 to schedule a free 20 minute telephone consultation


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